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about me

My name is Ariel Benjamin. I built this website to commemorate the activities of my mother - the late Ruth Benjamin, and her efforts to implement the gardening throughout the country.
Benjamin Ruth was an agronomist and opinion leaders on gardening, conducted for many years the botanical garden ornamental farm and wrote many articles and encyclopedia for gardeners.
My primary mission was successful - because you are now on the website and read these words.
Remaining tasks are continuing to collect articles she wrote, and their publication, professional and financial support in the Botanical Garden ornamental farms, and establishing a heritage center and library in the Botanical Garden that will bear her name.
I ask nothing in return, but you can express support user by tract of ads that are on the site.
Originally written in Hebrew , and English is the translation, so whoever wants to fix, can attach the end of each article comment with the correction.
Because of extensive professional knowledge concentrated on the site, it is also used online ordering, nursery plants. If you are a local or global business, the bottom of the page has a link to review the nature of browsing, including geographic location, and you are welcome to contact me if you find it necessary.
Thank you

About the botanicl garden

The biblical Garden  established by the USDA Agricultural Research Administration in 1949, Emek Hefer, demonstration and training center for horticultural plants.
The farm is located next to Midreshet Ruppin intersection , opposite the entrance to the village Kfar Monash, and within the jurisdiction of the Emek Hefer Regional Council.  The biblical Garden  covers an area of ​​40 hectares where ornamental plants demonstration garden and nursery. In over a thousand species of trees, shrubs, vines, etc. cover plants from around the world for a variety of uses in gardens.
The biblical Garden  was founded at the initiative of David Ztaphrir Tzirkin, as  station to cultural vegetation development, proliferation and demonstration plants. Engaged in the acclimatization of new plants to Israel and developed the export of green greens. In 1951, integrated into a senior technician Ruth Benjamin to biblical Gardenas   and later was director until her death in 1976. In her time of mannagment Operations disseminated in many plants on the farm nurtured in all regions of the country . Managerial terms, was initially associated with the main agricultural office. In 1963 the regional office management was in her room, and in 1973 annexed Agricultural Research Administration, with professional guidance by the Department of flowers and ornamental plants of the Administration.
In 1984, due to budgetary constraints passed Prime Agricultural Research Farm to ornamental horticulture and landscape organization in Israel. As a body representing the industry in ornamental gardening, see the organization's conservation importance and ornamental farms - also undertook to preserve and cultivate. The organization works to preserve and foster existing vegetation collects, maintains a national center for the study of horticulture - ornamental and putting the garden to the public.
Over time the farm has become a national center of observations, experiments acclimation, multiple and display of ornamental plants, was instrumental in disseminating knowledge of professional gardeners, architects - landscape hobbyists. Farm is currently used as a garden ornamental demonstration garden plants gardeners a great historical value carries different species of unique plants, plants which were brought from all over the world, weathered and distributed in various nurseries, and some unique to this gene only.Gardens are now about 300 old trees of historical and botanical matter, which are the first details in which the propagation material is collected and disseminated throughout the country, and - so it is very important to preserve and protect the plant property.

Pictures taken in botanicl garden

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